25% jeune cognac + 75% jus de raisins frais
Vignoble Gaec de Sourdour
Blanc liquoreux
Navarin d'agneau
Petite choucroute de la mer
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Ugni Blanc

The Pineau des Charentes enjoys an Protected Designation of Origin since 1945.

It is produced by blending of fresh grape juice and Cognac. The grapes used by Denis Benoit are Montils and Ugni-Blanc.

It takes about ¾ of grape juice to ¼ of Cognac to get a Pineau (17.5% volume).

After a few months of settling, the Pineau begins its slow ageing in oak barrels.

Marketing can not begin until 18 months.

After 5 years of ageing, we get a Vieux (Old) Pineau, and Très Vieux (Very Old) Pineau has over 10 years.

The Pineaux developed in our cellars have a minimum of 5 years and younger

10 years for the oldest.

It is this period of ageing that gives our Pineaux

their aromatic complexity and quality.


            Appellation :                          Protected Designation of Origin Pineau des Charentes

            Grape Variety :                      Ugni-blanc / Montils

            ageing :                                  5 years in oak barrels


Wine and Food Pairing : Aperitif, melon, raw ham, foie gras


Alcohol : 17,5 %        Serving Temperature : 8°C - 10°C

Golden tint, with honey, wild flower and orange peel aromas.

The palate is round and mellow with freshness and a fine balance.


Appellation :                       Protected Designation of Origin  Old Pineau des Charentes

            Grape Variety :                   Ugni-blanc / Montils

            Ageing :                              10 years in oak barrels


Wine and Food Pairing : Aperitif, foie gras, dark chocolate dessert, digestive


Alcohol : 17,5 %        Serving Temperature : 13°C - 15°C


Nice balance between sugar and acidity.

The mouth is fine with notes of prunes, candied fruits and a long finish with notes of hazelnut and cinnamon.